Monday, March 21, 2011

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

We have purchased two new swings to take the place of the IKEA swing.
We will install one chain to the ceiling beam with a hook which will allow us to change swings. Will post pictures & reviews of products when we're done!
This is a less expensive mini-version of platform swings used in sensory therapy for vestibular issues.

The Airwalker Swing! A favorite of every child at Hearts and Hands Therapy

 $296 at especialneeds

Other great sites for therapy products:

When you purchase online at sites such as Amazon, Target, Home Depot, and 100's of others visit
first, then click on the participating retailer, and that retailer will donate a portion of your sale to
the Dare To Hope Foundation at no extra cost to you!

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Shiny Happy Color

I just finished painting the upper walls! I love the color-it's very happy!

Thank you all who voted!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Sensory Overload: AKA "The Basement"

It is time I mentioned the side-project gone awry, turning the basement into a more functional play & therapy room. This immediately went from "Julia & Maya-proofing the basement" to "major project".

The weird-looking apparatus is a mook jong, for martial arts training

Ikea Swing: great in theory, but the girls have low muscle tone so they must be monitored in it at all times.
Translation: it's gots to go!

Trampoline (a favorite), climby-thingy, and tons of wires & hazards to be removed
Shout-out to Troy for WiFi help! Old computer set-up in the basement for You Tube Yo Gabba Gabba videos, HiYa, and Dynavox programming! We hope to get a "Big Mack" switch for the girls to use computer learning programs like they use in school!

Special thanks to Miss Mary from Clesia Ventures for taking time last Saturday to help me clean out a good deal of the basement hazards! Not only an awesome speech therapist, but a fantastic decorator as well!

Maya enjoying speech therapy with Miss Mary!
(which usually involves a lot of snacks)
 Now that the basement is cleaned out, we have both an Airwalker Hammock Swing & a mini-platform swing to install in place of the Ikea swing. I plan to paint one of the walls in brick colors & install a blacklight over it.

I will post pictures & links to where we got everything as I post the new pictures!!!!!! I am very excited for Project Basement to get under way!!!!