Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Color My World

I bought stuff today!!!!!!!

Now I'm getting a little bit more excited. I am holding a yard sale on Friday to sell off the Princess & baby stuff to make money & room for a JUNGLE THEME!!!!! See below for pix of today's purchases, but first:


For those who know me, you will be shocked that I waited until Blogpost #3 to bust out the poll feature. But it is here & I need YOUR help!


Refer to the previous post, (Just Like) Starting Over, to see the walls with the picture rail & window frame. The pink & purple used in the examples will be the same. Vote for the winning combo on the right side of this page!

Option 1

Option #1

AKA: "The Lazy Option". Don't vote for this out of pity for me unless you really love it! Walls remain the same pink & purple it is now. Base board, picture rail & crown molding will be a light green. The window frames will be pale yellow.

Option 2
Option #2

Keep the purple on the bottom & paint the top a pale sagey-green. All trim will be pale yellow.

Option 3
Option #3

For those of you paying attention, this is remarkably like option #2. However, in option #3 the base board & crown molding are yellow, and the picture rail & window frames are pale pink.

Option 4

Option #4

"The Tinkerbell": dark foresty-green on bottom, pale bluish-purple on top, all pale yellow trim.


Wall clings I bought

With the aid of my assistant, Heather, I bought these adorable wall clings today. The plan is to use the second & third ones on the walls on the upper section and use the first on the wardrobe (which I can say with 90% certainty that choosing the colors to paint the wardrobe will be the next poll).

Close-up of wall clings I bought

Example from web

Photos from the Babies R Us web site-I plan to do something similar to the walls in the picture.

Our new switch cover!

And the new switch cover I bought today which I absolutely adore! Ta-daa!

Happy voting! Think about this hard! I have about 1000 paint strips from Home Depot waiting to go!!


  1. I voted Gina! And I don't even know you! (well except from facebook!) How exciting to be redoing the room! I am excited for you. : )
    Wendy Sundgren

  2. The jungle clings are adorable!! Love it!

  3. Your daughters are adorable. I bet they love the jungle theme. Also, I voted, hope you don't mind.

  4. I 'think' I voted IF just clicking on the choice counts. MOM

  5. ORF-You click your choice & hit the "vote" button to submit!

    Jen-thanks! Yes this blog & all input is open to anyone! I thought it would be more fun to do this as a "group" project! The amt of support I've got from friends & "strangers" has been very encouraging!

  6. Love this theme... now, I was seriously thinking I would vote to make it easy on you until I saw the wall clings.. :) LOL