Thursday, February 10, 2011

(Just Like) Starting Over

I must start blog attempt # 2 by saying that I am overwhelmed with gratitude from the rather large amount of posts & emails I have received about Project Room Makeover. Keep it coming, it makes this transition easier to bear!

These are probably the cutest "before" photos ever. I love our fairy-tale themed nursery. I worked hard on it. My family worked hard on it. It's time to let go of that fantasy world and focus on what's best for Julia & Maya.

"We must let go of the life we have planned, so as to accept the one that is waiting for us."
Joseph Campbell

We have ordered Crib Beds for both girls this week. More on special needs beds later! The beds will be that medium wood color.

The "before" pictures:

Wall #1 Maya's Crib
 Wall #1: Maya's Crib

Shorter wall with entrance from hallway. Her "big girl" bed will go here as well. It will take up the entire wall up to the window.

Wallpaper border will be removed. Well, what Maya has not already removed herself. Everyone's a critic. (note her little legs in photo)

Wall #2: No lion, No Witch, Just  a Wardrobe
and Maya wondering what I'm up to

Wall #2: The Wardrobe

There is no closet in this room, nor is there a way to make one. As it turns out, warbrobes are ridiculously expensive ($2000-$5000 for anything decent). It looks like this white wardrobe will be getting a fresh coat of paint in its future, and new drawer pulls!

Tragically, most of those stuffed animals have been tossed. Time to be realistic. The girls never played with them & never will. The play kitchen has moved to another room. The book shelf will most likely be tossed or moved to make room for a more worthy storage unit. The most awesome curtains in the world (sewn by the most awesome Gramma in the world) Will have to come down for safety as Maya's bed will be pushed up against that window.

Wall #3-Please Help Me
Wall #3 is up for grabs!!!

It's time for the changing table to make way for a dresser. We really need clothes storage first & secure toy storage second. We need pieces or one piece that will not topple over, is sturdy, "babyproof" and holds a lot.

Julia's bed will come very close to the end of this wall & cover about an inch of the right side of the window. Curtains will be removed, the most adorable princess shelf ever will sell on eBay, and their table will most likely go to the basement. Note: the "Basement Project" is a side project which will also be posted at a later date!

Wall #4-Julia's Crib
Wall #4: Julia's Crib

Is anyone still reading this? I'm starting to feel like a Game Show Host. "Behind Wall #4...."

This entire wall will be taken up by Julia's "big girl" bed.

 I am thinking a cute & cartoony wild animal theme: monkeys, zebras, hippos, etc. Perhaps keeping the pink & purple and adding green & pale yellow accents to it. Input most welcome!!!

I have been collecting ideas on Kaboodle to keep them organized. I haven't bought anything yet, so it's all open for debate:

Ok, I'm kinda proud I just figured out how to post that!