Friday, October 7, 2011

Lay, Ladies, Lay

Maya & Julia enjoying their new beds!
After a loooooooooong pause in updates I am proud to post pictures of the girls' beds from Crib Bed by Mountaincraft!

The girls LOVE their beds! They are very sturdy, look nice and are made well! They both jumped on the beds, squealing in delight the day we got them!

My niece with Julia & Maya

It has been a trying several months since my last update. I am excited to be back on the blog with the news that I won a $20,000 Kitchen Make-Over from Platinum Kitchens & Designs, Inc!

I will happily update the progress of our new kitchen here!

Julia loves her new jungle themed room!

Repainted bookshelf
Repainted Wardrobe
Wall Stick-Ons added to ceiling fan
Highlights of some of the other decorating I've done! Both the bookshelf & wardrobe were repainted from white to bright colours to match the new theme. Both pieces can be seen in their original form in "before" post!

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