Friday, December 30, 2011

The Basement, it is A-Changing

I am amused that I started this blog to chronicle the process of turning Julia & Maya's nursery into a big girl room and spiraled completely out of control as all things in life seem to do. The basement is finished (for now) and February begins our KITCHEN MAKEOVER!!!! Very excited about that!

Onto the basement improvements:

Before: solid color concrete wall, cluttered, exposed wires & hazards

After: painted concrete blocks in 2 different hues to create "brick" effect, break up the monochrome, and add warmth to the area; purchased CD cabinet to control & hide the sprawling CD collection


After: Bookshelf filled with toys all binned by type for requesting. 
After: Ikea swing replaced with  platform swing with interchangeable hammock swing 

Before: cluttered, unusable space

After: work area for the girls
Work table, PECS board, favorite activities binned for requesting, bubble tube and cushioned platform base for chilling out


  1. I really love what you've done with the basement. I have been wanting to do this for a while, my problem is that the basement isn't insulated so it gets chilly, do you have that problem?

  2. Maria, thanks for the compliment! Several years ago, my husband & his step-father put in some walls, a drop-ceiling & air ducts into the basement, so there is central air down there now. Our biggest problem is French drains, which means the basement will flood from time to time.