Thursday, March 1, 2012

Humble Pie & Granite

This week has had its ups & downs. Julia has been slightly sick keeping us on edge. She hasn't been able to keep down her Pediasure and has been sleeping a lot. Maya has not been sleeping much at all, taking to screaming all night because she wants to get up & play.

My cousin's husband died unexpectedly of a massive stroke this week. The funeral is this morning. It is the kind of thing which makes you realize how precious every moment is, and also wonder what it is you've done with your life. What will I be remembered for?

I have decided to explain mitochondrial disease a little better, in celebration of World Rare Disease Day (which was yesterday). The mitochondria convert food into energy to power your into body, organs, etc. Having dysfunctional mitochondria has been linked to manifest in a myriad of ways: mitochondrial disease (when 2 or more organs are affected), muscular dystrophies, typical & complex migraine headaches, intellectual & developmental impairment, deafness & blindness, Alzheimer's, Huntington's Disease, and so on.  

Julia & Maya are constantly fatigued from loss of energy. They overheat very easily. When their bodies are fighting to maintain body temperature, fight off an illness, or to just get through the day, their limited energy is used up and are unable to support their organs & typical body functions, which can cause permanent damage.

There is no treatment or cure for mitochondrial disease. Research has come a long way, though, even in the the 3 years since Julia & Maya were diagnosed. As you can see from the paragraph above, research on the mitochondria has the potential to help many diseases. I truly believe it holds the key to improving many lives.

We are walking to benefit the mitochondrial research April 21st at Olympic Centennial Park. Anyone in the area is invited to walk with us. Please consider a donation & provide hope for my daughters & the countless others who can benefit from research. Info here

So I bet you want to see the granite now????? They installed the granite on Tuesday. I just LOVE it! I was going to go with white with black swirls before seeing my options. Christina with Platinum Kitchens  suggested this multi-color cream-based granite & I decided to go with her recommendation. I am SO GLAD I did! I absolutely love the granite!!! 

Counter tops before

New granite counter tops!

Granite counter tops & back splash leading up to the top of the breakfast bar-I think this looks incredible!

Granite in dining room pantry

Today they are starting the finish! Painters, plumbers, installers, OH MY! I can't wait to have my dishwasher back!!!! And my new range installed! It is very exciting! Everyone at Platinum Kitchens has done an outstanding job!


  1. Looks awesome!!!! Sorry the girls haven't felt well.. unfortunately, I know your pain! Hugs!

  2. Kitchen looks very nice. I love the title of "Humble Pie and Granite" as it does speak for the events of this week. The loss of Fred, the birth of Grace, the gift of your kitchen, and the gift of our girls. I am your proud mother and can think of many aspects of Gina which are worth remembering.