Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Kitchen Day 5: I Believe In A Thing Called Love

Kitchen day 5 was a very busy day! Workers installed cabinets in both my kitchen & dining room. Also put in some can lighting into our dining room & removed the chandelier, which Julia liked to swing on!

Julia "hiding" from the construction

The girls were out of school for Presidents' Day, but Mom & Dad took the to the mall for an adventure!
Next week is an act of patience, as today they come to measure the granite; then it will be a week to get it in, cut & installed. So I will be a week without a kitchen & no "progress" until the granite is installed. The wait is more than worth it, for a life time of a beautiful, functioning kitchen.

Adding lights to dining room
Pull-out shelves in dining room
Finished cabinets
Installing dining room cabinets

The kitchen looks absolutely amazing. I never would have believed I would have such a beautiful kitchen! 

Setting breakfast bar facing
Finished cabinets
Finished cabinets

After (so far)


  1. Everything looks so beautiful Gina!

  2. I'm excited about LIGHTING!! I'm waiting with great anticipation what the first cake out of the new kitchen will look like.

  3. this looks fantastic - like a different house and so much bigger already - so glad you got this! :)